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Nader Abd Allah is one of the famous and most prominent poets and writers in Egypt in particular, and the Arab world in general due to his contributions and successes in the field of music and singing, and he received numerous awards and honors as the best lyricist “lyric poet” in Egypt and the Middle East.

It can be said that the songs of Poet Nader Abd Allah spread almost allover Arab countries geographically according to his participation with singing celebrities in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq through albums, solo songs, operetta, or dramatic works, as well as re-publishing some of his songs globally in Russian, Turkish, Serbian, Iranian and Romanian languages.

Many of his songs have been featured on YouTube and Google search engines as one of the most watched and searched Arabic contents.

During 2018/2019,  two of his songs, entitled Maktouba Leek that means “Destined to you”, and Halet Hob that means “Love Situation”, occupied the first and the second positions in order, on Rotana YouTube Channel in the Most Viewed List, and both of which are to Lebanese international Singer Elissa.

Poet Nader Abd Allah has been classified several times among the list of the most 500 personalities in search of Encyclopedia of World Wikipedia.


The strong relationship between Nader Abd Allah and poetry writing began at the age of six, by a simulation of texts and academic chants at that time. He continued to write in Classical Arabic language until he moved to writing slang language poetry and then to writing songs at the age of twelve.

When he was fourteen years old, Poet Nader Abd Allah was schooled by Late Great Critic Abdul Fattah Al Baroudi in some of the poetry sciences, which has had a great impact on his writings regarding the poetry arts, and other virtuoso virtues in terms of rhymes, assonance, stimulation, improvisation, and other deceptive enhancements in the world of lyric poetry.

Nader Abd Allah


Nader Abd Allah

At the age of fifteen, Poet Nader Abd Allah had some attempts in the professionalism world, represented in an operetta entitled Arraf “A Fortune Teller” with the Late Director Amali Bahnasi, but did not appear to light due to lack of the artistic project completion those days,

In addition to two songs entitled Enkteb “Destined” and Mabahebahash “I don’t love her”, and later a song entitled Ragie Nafsak “Think about it” in the late nineties with the Late Artist Shehab Hosni. but all of these attempts did not come to light.

At the dawn of the new millennium, his true beginning was started towards the world of professionalism.


In the course of his career since 1999/2000, Poet Nader Abd Allah dealt with the major music production companies in Egypt and worldwide, including Rotana, Alama Elphan, Mazzika, Violin, Good News, Free Music, E.M.I., Sony, Arabica, Melody, Delara Music, M.B.C., Platinum Records, Nogoum F.M., Life Stylez Studios, Star Gate, and Share4Music.

The works of Poet Nader Abd Allah were characterized by a remarkable musical diversity between Eastern and Western orientations due to his dealings with various composers in Egypt and the Arab world, in addition to Turkish composers, most notably:

  • From Egypt: Walid Saad, Khaled Ezz, Nader Nour, Tamer Ashour, Mohammed Yehia, Mohammed Rahim, Tamer Aly, Amr Mostafa, Salah Elsharnouby, Samy Elhefnawy, Hussein Mahmoud, Mohamed Nabil, Madyan, Ramy Gamal, Aziz Elshafei.
  • From Lebanon: Osama Rahbani, Mahmoud Eid, Belal Elzeiny.
  • From Tunisia: Ghazy Elayyadi.
  • From Algeria: Mounir Hammoudi.
  • From Turkey: Soner Gercker, Nazih Oceler, Ibrahim Tatlisses, Celik,


Poet Nader Abd Allah Biography

Poet Nader Abd Allah’s style combines classical and modernity in terms of poetic style, versification, and musical mold, in a language consistent with the vocabulary of his era. His writings are in line with singing in ancient and contemporary times, and this is one of his most important characteristics as a poet.

The approach of Poet Nader Abd Allah belongs to the school of active poets, and not the inactive “influenced” poets.

The active poet is the inventor of ideas, combinations of words or musical rhymes, and the like.

The inactive “influenced” poet is a poet influenced by the active poet.



Along with his talent as a poet, Nader Abd Allah enjoys a musical tendency, which enabled him to add a great participant in the development of a musical perception of his poems, and this is evidenced by the special songs of some of the works that he wrote and composed on his own, such as:



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  • Nader Abd Allah is a member of the Arbitration Committee of the International Festival of Music “MEMA(Middle East Music Awards) since 2013.
  • Member of the “SACEM” Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique (Society of Authors, Composers, and Editors of Music, France) since 2004.
  • He is one of the ten founders of “Arabian Rights Company” to sponsor the rights of creators in Egypt since 2010.
  • His titles The Rhymes Sultan / Female Poet.


In 2016, poet Nader Abd Allah founded “Share 4 Music Foundation” to support all artistic activities in various forms inside and outside Arab Republic of Egypt. The first production was the “Concert 7” Project to revive the spirit of authentic oriental singing in a modern vision, in cooperation with D Studios Company.

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